Ben McBride

Owner, Editor, Main Contributor, Podcast Host

Self-proclaimed movie geek. Wearer of Dawn of the Dead t-shirts. Ben’s love of movies started at a very young age and his affinity for horror films was jump started as a young kid from late night sneak viewings of John Carpenter’s Halloween on borrowed VHS tapes. He grew up watching films like Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, Joe Dante’s Explorers and Stallone’s one-two punch of Rocky. He prefers, and encourages, the theater-going experience (sometimes including the Drive-In) but when he can’t see it in the theater, he loves to watch movies on Blu-ray. Besides horror, he has a soft spot for B-movies and exploitation flicks. He’s also a really big fan of the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

To contact Ben, you can email him at:

Twitter: @monsterpopcorn

Mel Dale

Contributor, Movies Worth Rewatching column, and Podcast Host

To contact Mel, you can email him at:

Twitter: @meldalecomics

Daniel Wheatfall

Podcast Host

To contact Daniel, you can reach him on Twitter:


About Monster Popcorn

Monster Popcorn was created with the intention of sharing news and reviews of things that I love.  It’s also a venue for helping to support the artists (of movies,TV and comics) that I respect by sharing and promoting their work.  Plus, sometimes, it’s just nice to get a discussion about the media arts going and enjoying a nice back and forth with all you fine internet folk.  So if you see something here on the blog or on the Monster Popcorn twitter page that sparks something in you, feel free to leave a comment or send a message.  I’d be happy to hear from you.

– Ben McBride


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. The Goonies is definitely one of my Top 5 favorite films ever, and Halloween ranks extremely high on my Top Horror list! And I agree about Blu-ray. Originally, when my brother became a Blu-ray snob, I didn’t really get it – until I moved into my new apt and souped it up with a 50-inch plasma and my own Blu-ray….then everything changed! haha


    1. Yea, I’ve replaced quite a few of my old DVDs with their newer Blu-ray counterparts.. and a lot of times the difference is amazing. I always use old Connery Bond films as an example of how drastic the image upgrade is. I actually just got Goonies on blu, haven’t watched it yet.


  2. Nothing beats the cinema experience! Too bad that I never had the chance to go to a drive-in movie theater.. we never had those in Estonia. Such a sad missed opportunity. Awesome blog btw!


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