The Teaser for the New Fantastic Four Has Finally Arrived!

After what seems like forever, we are finally getting our first official look at Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four! In addition to the new teaser showing off the look of the movie, we are also presented with an official teaser poster (below).

Ever since Josh Trank was announced as the director of this Fantastic Four reboot, I was jonesing to see what he was going to do with the movie. Besides the cast announcement, we’ve all been in a marketing limbo waiting to see any type of promo image or costume reveal. The long wait started speculation that Fox was unhappy with the movie and was afraid to show anything, then news of reshoots added concern.

According to Collider, Trank not only states that it was a deliberate choice not to release any promo material until now but that the reshoots were just a normal part of the movie making process and not a complete reshoot of the end of the film as was speculated. Trank also goes on to state that his inspiration for the film lies with Cronenbergian body horror a la Scanners and The Fly, which I find incredibly intriguing. The superheroes’ suits seem to play into this aspect in that they are designed as “containment” suits that help with their altered bodies.

Fanboys have already been up in arms over the seemingly non-traditional approach to the movie and I’m sure some of the new information about the movie, the hard sci-fi take and the lack of traditional superhero suits will fuel the fires of uncertainty but I have faith in Trank. I’m incredibly excited by his take on the movie and I can’t wait to go on the fantastical journey come August 7.

What are your thoughts on the new footage? Are you excited for a hard sci-fi Fantastic Four?

by Ben McBride

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Fantastic Four poster


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