Scream Park Is Getting a Sequel!

Scream Park still

Fans of indie horror.. look out! Cary Hill’s amusement park horror flick, Scream Park, is getting a sequel! An announcement popped up over on revealing that the sequel is officially in development!

The story would pick up two years after the events of Scream Park with the Fright Land Amusement Park having been bought and in the process of renovation. However, the locals are having difficulties letting go of the gruesome events that happened years before. The new company running the park brings in a group of college kids to help with the park’s renovation and get the park up and running. As the renovation goes on, clues are revealed as to what REALLY happened years before!

With production slated for some time in 2015 and director Cary Hill promising to make it “bigger, better and bloodier than before,” I cannot wait for the sequel! Sometimes with indie horror, one may come across a few duds, but Scream Park proved to be a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it so a sequel is most welcome news. Maybe with the next entry we’ll see another fun horror actor in the mix (the original film features Hellraiser‘s Doug Bradley in a cameo role) but as of right now, no casting information is available.

Scream Park is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, and Walmart. Be sure to follow Scream Park on Twitter at @screamparkmovie and on Facebook for updates!

by Ben McBride

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Scream Park poster


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