The Trailer for The Conjuring Spin-off Annabelle!

I absolutely loved James Wan’s The Conjuring. It was super creepy and atmospheric and featured characters that kept artifacts from hauntings they helped.. de-haunt (?).. in their house. One of those artifacts was a uber-creepy looking doll named Annabelle and, well, let’s just say it caused a little trouble for some of the people in that movie.

With the success of The Conjuring, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema decided to make a movie centering around Annabelle as well as The Conjuring 2. We’ll have to wait a little while longer for the official sequel but it looks like we don’t have to wait too long for Annabelle’s spin-off. While James Wan isn’t at the helm for this film, The Conjuring‘s director of photography John R. Leonetti will be, with Wan producing the film.

I think the movie looks pretty good and I like the Child’s Play vibe I get from it with the (presumably) “soul” of the crazy lady entering the doll. All I know is I wouldn’t want that creepy thing in my house so those homeowners must be cray cray. Annabelle opens in theaters on October 3!

by Ben McBride

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