Friday the 13th Returns To The 3rd Dimension!

Friday the 13th 3D art

The new Friday the 13th film, which hits theaters on November 13, 2015, will be in 3D according to Ryan Turek of ShockTillYouDrop. He reports that Paramount International’s Edward Ryan recently gave a preview of the studio’s film slate for the next few years and revealed plans to have Jason return to theaters in the third dimension.

I’m quite happy to hear this news for two reasons. One, there hasn’t been a 3D Friday the 13th since Part 3 back in 1982. If you’ve seen Part 3, even in its 2D version, you know how gimmicky they got with the 3D, everything from apples being juggled out of the screen at the audience to dislodged eyeballs flying right at you. It was cheesy, yes, but it was a lot of fun. The 3D technology has vastly improved since 1982 so it would undoubtedly look better but I really hope they use the 3D in a fun gimmicky way.

Secondly, Paramount was looking to make the new movie a found footage horror film. I didn’t much care for that idea and I hope the announcement that the new movie will be in 3D means that the found footage angle is kaput. I can’t imagine they’d want to put a 3D found footage film out as it may deter people from seeing it if they feel they are just going to be paying money for a $10 headache. I have a feeling we’ll find out soon, in an official manner, whether the found footage aspect has been dropped or not.

I’d like to see the Friday the 13th franchise return to form and we get a movie that calls back to the heyday of the franchise. This new film will be the 13th entry in the franchise so, given this fact, it would be nice to have a movie that celebrates what we love about the horror series.

What do you think of the new movie being in 3D? What would you like to see in the next Friday the 13th movie?

by Ben McBride

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