Monster Popcorn Podcast: Episode 19 – Days of Thunder


Episode nineteen of the Monster Popcorn Podcast is now available! Ben, Daniel and Mel discuss the testosterone-laden ’90s Nascar movie, Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman! Mel leads the pack this week by asking the guys what their favorite Tom Cruise roles/movies are before settling in to talk about the Tony Scott-directed movie. So listen in to hear what the guys think of the movie or if you want to find out how to seduce someone using sugar packets and some Nascar strategy!

Be sure to download and subscribe to the Monster Popcorn podcast on iTunes! Feel free to rate us and leave a comment or two there as well. We would love to hear feedback from you! If you don’t use iTunes or just prefer to listen to the podcast here on the web, you can listen to the new episode using the embedded player below! We hope you like Episode 19: Days of Thunder!

Look for our next episode in two weeks which will begin our new release schedule of every other Tuesday! We’ve been trying to stick to the Monday release dates but sometimes we just need a little more time to edit so by moving to Tuesday, I think we should be able to get the extra time we need and be more regular with our releases! And once again, we thank everyone that takes the time to listen to our podcast! We’re really proud of it and the listeners we have are awesome so we just want to make sure we let you guys know how much we appreciate every single one of you! And don’t forget, if you guys tweet or share the podcast via Facebook, be sure to include the hashtag #mppodcast!


by Ben McBride

Follow Ben on Twitter: @monsterpopcorn


Days of Thunder poster


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