Monster Popcorn Podcast – Episode 13: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Episode thirteen of the Monster Popcorn Podcast is now available! Your earholes rejoice! Ben, Daniel and Mel decided to have their first themed trilogy of episodes in honor of the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, so we give you the first episode of our DETECTIVE THEME with Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Mel kicks off the podcast asking the guys what their favorite cartoons are before getting into the Robert Zemeckis classic that combines 2D animated characters with the live-action world. Feel free to let us know what cartoons are favorites of yours or what movies you would toss into our (lazily) titled DETECTIVE THEME!

Are we on iTunes? Well, I’m glad you asked because the answer is YES! So be sure to download and subscribe to the Monster Popcorn podcast there. Also, feel free to rate us and leave a comment or two. We would love to hear feedback from you! If you don’t use iTunes or just prefer to listen to the podcast here on the web, you can listen to the new episode using the embedded player below! We hope you like Episode 13: Who Framed Roger Rabbit! We’ll see you in two weeks with the second part of our DETECTIVE THEME episode trilogy!

by Ben McBride

Follow Ben on @monsterpopcorn

Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie poster


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