Monster Popcorn Podcast – Episode 11: Bad Movies!

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Episode eleven of the Monster Popcorn Podcast is now available! Ben, Daniel and Mel took a break from the normal episode format to discuss bad movies! The guys discuss their top-five favorite so-bad-they’re good movies. Listen in to see if you agree with the guys’ picks and chime in with your favorites in the comments section below or over on iTunes!

Wait, did I say we’re on iTunes? You mean you can download and subscribe to the Monster Popcorn podcast there?? MIND.. BLOWN. All kidding aside, feel free to rate us and leave a comment or two there, and definitely SUBSCRIBE to hear future podcasts right on your mobile device or computer! If you’re fine listening to the podcast here on the web, you can listen to the new episode using the embedded player below! We hope you like Episode 11: Bad Movies! We’ll see you in two weeks with our return to the normal format and with the previously promised episode featuring our discussion on BMX Bandits!


by Ben McBride

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6 thoughts on “Monster Popcorn Podcast – Episode 11: Bad Movies!

  1. haha I can settle! Further comments on this: A) I dig Baz. Mostly bc my wife is a HUGE MOULIN fan…but his visuals are fantastic, albeit, a bit messy, but I dig the A.D.D. nature of some of his stuff. We just watched Gatsby last night too. It was good…again, very choppy, with tons of quick cuts, pretty lights, and fancy visuals….but again, very Baz. It’s not a fantastic movie, but I didn’t think it deserved as much criticism as it got? Idk…worth a watch.


    D) I just bought the Turtles 3pk Bluray. I can’t wait to rewatch that 3rd Hot Mess. Cannot WAIT.


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