31 Days of ’80s Horror – The Burning

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Welcome to 31 Days of ’80s Horror boys and ghouls! Each day in October I’ll be posting about a horror film from the 1980s, some of which you may have heard of, others may be a little more obscure. This is the month to celebrate all things spooky so I wanted to present some films from my favorite era of the horror genre. I hope you enjoy the column and discover some new ’80s horror flicks to watch, or rewatch, whatever the case may be. I know I’ll be checking out some of these ghastly tales myself since I’ve come across a few that even I’ve never heard of! So on with the horror! On with the terror! On with the ’80s!

The Burning movie poster

The Burning

After a cruel joke goes awry, severely burning him and subjecting him to five years of intensive, unsuccessful skin graft treatments, Cropsy is back at camp… and ready to wreak havoc on those who scarred him! With his hedge clippers in hand, he terrorizes the camp and systematically mutilates each victim. Can a few courageous campers save themselves and destroy this demented madman before he kills them all?

The Burning features early film appearances from Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Holly Hunter (Raising Arizona) and Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit). It also happens to be created and produced by Harvey Weinsten and co-written by brother Bob Weinstein, the studio heads behind Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company. I only discovered The Burning in the last two years or so and, while I’ve only seen it once, I love it. It’s everything you want in a slasher film and it delivers the nudity and the gore that fans of the genre clamor for. It may not be as well known as Halloween or Friday the 13th but it’s a horror film that deserves just as much of a fanbase as those. It’s an incredibly well done slasher film and I cannot recommend it enough.

How to watch The Burning

The Burning is currently available in a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Scream Factory. (Buy The Burning on Amazon)


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by Ben McBride

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