31 Days of ’80s Horror – The House on Sorority Row

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Welcome to 31 Days of ’80s Horror boys and ghouls! Each day in October I’ll be posting about a horror film from the 1980s, some of which you may have heard of, others may be a little more obscure. This is the month to celebrate all things spooky so I wanted to present some films from my favorite era of the horror genre. I hope you enjoy the column and discover some new ’80s horror flicks to watch, or rewatch, whatever the case may be. I know I’ll be checking out some of these ghastly tales myself since I’ve come across a few that even I’ve never heard of! So on with the horror! On with the terror! On with the ’80s!

House on Sorority Row movie poster

The House on Sorority Row

Katherine and her sorority sisters are enraged when their housemother forbids them to throw a big party. They decide to pull a prank on her but it goes horribly awry. The girls decide to cover up the accident they have caused and then to throw the party anyhow. What they don’t realize is that someone else knows about their terrible misdeed and that someone is going to stalk and murder them all!

This 1983 slasher flick, directed by Mark Rosman, stars Kathryn McNeil (Monkey Shines), soap opera star Eileen Davidson and Harley Jane Kozak (Arachnophobia). It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this but I remember enjoying it. I do recall that it is a bit light on the gore but it’s entertaining nonetheless. For those of you looking for more slasher movies to fill your Halloween horror movie watching, The House on Sorority Row is worth a watch.

How to watch The House on Sorority Row

The House on Sorority Row is currently available on DVD. (Buy the DVD on Amazon)


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by Ben McBride

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