31 Days of ’80s Horror – Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

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Welcome to 31 Days of ’80s Horror boys and ghouls! Each day in October I’ll be posting about a horror film from the 1980s, some of which you may have heard of, others may be a little more obscure. This is the month to celebrate all things spooky so I wanted to present some films from my favorite era of the horror genre. I hope you enjoy the column and discover some new ’80s horror flicks to watch, or rewatch, whatever the case may be. I know I’ll be checking out some of these ghastly tales myself since I’ve come across a few that even I’ve never heard of! So on with the horror! On with the terror! On with the ’80s!


Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

In 1957, Hamilton High School’s prom queen got flambéed. Now she’s back and she’s burning mad! It’s been 30 years since bad girl Mary Lou Maloney was accidentally torched by her ex-boyfriend Bill Nordham just before she was about to be crowned prom queen. Bill is now Hamilton High’s principal and his son, Craig, is dating this year’s hopeful queen/good girl Vicki Carpenter. When Vicki finds an old dress for the prom – trouble begins. Mary Lou’s spirit possesses Vicki’s body and a torrent of fury is unleashed on everyone in town. With or without a tiara, Mary Lou is going to make prom night hot!

This sequel to Prom Night is essentially a sequel in name only. The movie doesn’t have anything to do with the previous film and even ditches the slasher genre for the supernatural. Prom Night II may disappoint people looking for gore effects but the movie makes up for it by delivering some weird goofball effects that make it fun to watch. On top of that, you get demon chanting, a random girl on girl shower scene, a possessed rocking horse that apparently wants to give some tongue action and, of course, bad ’80s hair! I have to be honest, if I have to pick between Prom Night and Prom Night II, I’d probably gravitate towards this sequel. Prom Night is most definitely the better movie and I like it, don’t get me wrong, but its odd sequel delivers the so-bad-it’s-good.. goods and I’m a sucker for a bad movie. Fans of the movies Scanners and Visiting Hours should be pleased to know that Michael Ironside stars in the movie as Mary Lou’s former boyfriend turned high school principal.

How to watch Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II is currently available on DVD, though it looks like it might be out of print now. However, it looks like you can still pick up a copy for a decent price. (Buy Prom Night II on DVD)


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by Ben McBride

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