The Monster Popcorn Podcast is back! Listen to Episode 1 now!

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As some of you may remember, I did a two-year anniversary Monster Popcorn podcast back in April. I had a lot of fun doing it and I started talking with some friends of mine to continue the podcast in an official manner. So I got together with them, worked out what we wanted to do and then recorded episode one of our newly envisioned podcast! So join me and my fellow podcast hosts, Daniel Wheatfall and Mel Dale, as we discuss our love of movies.

Normally, each new podcast episode will focus on one movie that is picked by one of the hosts, but for this first episode we thought we’d each pick a film that was representative of the things we look for in a movie to better give an idea of the various tastes we all have. So we watched three movies (West Side Story, Raising Arizona and Intruder) and did a roundtable discussion. We are aiming to release a new episode every other Monday, with exception to episode two, which should be out next week. Our goal is to have the podcast up on iTunes soon but for now, you can listen to it here on Monster Popcorn.

So listen using the player below and enjoy the Monster Popcorn Podcast – Episode 1: West Side Story, Raising Arizona and Intruder!

by Ben McBride

Follow Ben on @monsterpopcorn


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