Popcorn News – Aug. 3

Samuel L. Jackson is set to play the villain in Matthew Vaughn’s film adaptation of Mark Millar and David Gibbons’ comic Secret Service. Jackson would play opposite of Colin Firth and Taron Egerton in the movie. (Variety)

Mary Lynn Rajskub is back as Chloe in the upcoming event series, 24: Live Another Day. The story is set several years after the eighth season of the show and will air in spring of 2014. (Hollywood Reporter)

Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez has lined up his next project.  He will co-write and direct the sci-fi action movie, Machina.  Details surrounding the movie are being kept under wraps. (Hollywood Reporter)

The new poster for Haunter has appeared online.  The horror movie is directed by Vincenzo Natali (Splice) and stars Abigail Breslin as a young girl who realizes that she and her family are dead, trapped in the house they used to live in. She has to unravel the mystery of what happened to her in order to save the new inhabitants from suffering the same fate. (Ain’t It Cool)

Haunter poster

Miramax and Starz have agreed to develop and co-finance a TV series based on the James Mangold directed Cop Land starring Sylvester Stallone. Mangold, Cathy Konrad and Adam Fields will executive produce while Mangold and Bryan Golubuff will write the pilot. (Deadline)

Universal is revving up development for a fifth chapter in the the Bourne franchise. They’ve tapped Anthony Peckham to script the film which would continue the storyline of the newly introduced Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy. (Deadline)

Fredrik Malmberg, CEO of Paradox Entertainment was recently interviewed about the upcoming The Legend of Conan movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  When asked if this was going to be a father/son team-up movie where the torch is figuratively passed to another actor, Malmberg responded, “The idea for this particular film is that he will be the lead, a lot of people ask if we’re going to introduce a son of Conan and passing the torch? The idea is to not. No, this is Conan’s movie. This is Arnold’s movie!” (TheArnoldFans.com)

Jack Black will reunite with Orange County director, Jake Kasdan, for the comedy Sex Tape. The movie stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz as a couple who decide to spice up their sex life by making their own sex tape but lose it the next morning, prompting a frantic search.  Black will cameo as a CEO of a major porn company.  (The Wrap)

Director Bryan Singer tweeted an image of him standing next to an 18-foot tall Sentinel from the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Bryan Singer)

Sentinel from Xmen Days of Future Past

Universal’s reboot of The Mummy has lost Len Wiseman (Total Recall, Underworld) as its director.  Wiseman has exited the project due to scheduling issues. (The Wrap)

The CW has confirmed their plans for a Supernatural spin-off series. One of the later episodes of the upcoming ninth season will introduce new characters and will serve as a back door pilot for a show surrounding said (unknown) characters. The spin-off will focus on the clashing hunter and monster cultures in Chicago. (Variety)

James Cameron announced that his two planned sequels for Avatar has now been upped to three.  He spoke about the announcement stating, “Building upon the world we created with Avatar has been a rare and incredibly rewarding experience. In writing the new films, I’ve come to realize that Avatar‘s world, story and characters have become even richer than I anticipated, and it became apparent that two films would not be enough to capture everything I wanted to put on screen. And to help me continue to expand this universe, I’m pleased to bring aboard Amanda [Silver], Rick [Jaffa], Shane [Salerno] and Josh [Friedman]– all writers I’ve long admired -­ to join me in completing the films screenplays.” (SuperHeroHype)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition is set to be released on October 22 on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD.  The movie will feature 13 additional minutes and 9 hours of special features. (Comingsoon.net)

NBC is developing a Rosemary’s Baby mini-series as well as a new Tommyknockers mini-series.  The Rosemary’s Baby mini will be a new adaptation of the Ira Levin novel that was the basis for the Roman Polanski movie.  Stephen King’s Tommyknockers, previously made into a miniseries in 1993, will be helmed by Yves Simoneau (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee). (Hollywood Reporter)

John Williams recently spoke in a video interview about his return to the Star Wars universe as composer of Star Wars: Episode VII.

by Ben McBride

Follow Ben on Twitter @monsterpopcorn


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