The Blu-ray Crypt – June 4

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A Good Day to Die Hard blu art

A Good Day to Die Hard

This fifth Die Hard movie was a big ole turd, if I’m being polite.  The franchise took a hit in quality with Live Free or Die Hard and A Good Day to Die Hard continues that decline with a movie that is both stupid and vacant.  For some, this new film may fall into so-bad-it’s-still-fun territory but it failed to entertain me.  This sequel lacks the personality of the Die Hard franchise with elements of the previous films seemingly tossed in at whim by the writers giving the film a very hollow feeling.  John McClane is unrecognizable in the new movie (he’s a superhero version of Bruce Willis’ persona now) and the setup of the film (McClane on vacation in Russia) is lazy. After this fifth movie, I’m not sure I have high (or even low) hopes for the in-development Die Hard 6.  For those that enjoyed the film or for you Die Hard completists out there, the Blu-ray of the movie looks pretty incredible and the supplements are worthy of a purchase.  There is an hour-long 15-part documentary detailing the stunts, special effects, camera work and color grading amongst other featurettes featured on the disc.  The Blu-ray also features an extended cut of the film.

Mad Max blu art

Mad Max Trilogy

I watch a lot of movies and it’s not often that a popular and beloved movie franchise gets by me, but in the case of the Mad Max trilogy, I have yet to watch a single one.  I certainly aim to correct my failure and with the release of this new box set, which marks the Blu-ray debut of the third film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, it looks like I’ll get to see the whole trilogy in high-definition!  The trilogy set is currently available in a limited edition tin packaging.

Warm Bodies blu art

Warm Bodies

This Romeo & Juliet take on the zombie genre was just as entertaining as it was frustrating for me.  There were a lot of good ideas and metaphors contained in the movie but there was also a lot of things that didn’t make much sense to me and had me doubting a lot of character motivations and the rules of the world that exists in the movie.  In fact, the whole conceit of the movie, a girl falls in love with a zombie boy was something I had a hard time swallowing.  I kept wondering why a girl living in the zombie apocalypse wouldn’t just flat out kill any zombie she came by, let alone entertain the thought of locking lips with a walking corpse.  I realize this is a movie that has zombies in it and isn’t terribly realistic to begin with but I just couldn’t get past that initial conceit to buy into the fantasy of the movie.  While it may not have wowed me completely, I do think it’ll entertain a lot of those who watch it and the Blu-ray is a worthy purchase for fans of the movie which features a really solid video transfer and bonus features that are sure to please.

Breaking Bad S5 blu art

Breaking Bad: Season 5

It seems like forever since I’ve watched a brand new episode of Breaking Bad.  This set simply states “Season 5” which had me confused for a minute since I remember them splitting season 5 up into two half seasons, which then made me think that I had missed the second part of the fifth season!  I had to rush to the computer to confirm that the second part of season 5 has yet to air (and will be airing in August).  Phew! Breaking Bad panic attack avoided!  I hate that we had to wait a year just to finish up this last season but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all ends.  For those of you who have yet to see this first half of season 5, I highly suggest picking it up now to prepare yourself for August!

The Shadow blu art

The Shadow

I’ve always had a soft spot for this David Koepp scripted adaptation of the 1930s pulp radio serial of the same name.  This might be because my parents bought my brothers and I The Shadow radio show box set on cassette tape when we were kids and I used to listen to them enamored by the allure of the pulp character.  I haven’t seen the movie in many years and have had this in my Netflix instant queue for quite some time but now that the movie is on Blu-ray, I think a rewatch is officially in order.  I’m curious to see how the movie holds up nearly 20 years after its initial release.  I’m still holding out hopes that Sam Raimi finds his way onto the inevitable remake as I would love to see him tackle the character.  The Shadow‘s debut in high-definition sadly doesn’t contain any special features.

Adventure Time S1 blu art

Adventure Time: The Complete First Season

I’ve only seen a handful of episodes from this first season of Adventure Time and have enjoyed them thus far.  The show seems to be quite popular and has some really passionate fans and that made me want to see what all the fuss was about.  In the first few episodes that I’ve seen I haven’t really latched onto it wholeheartedly but I plan on watching the whole season so maybe by the end of that I’ll be a self-proclaimed Adventure Time fan.  Today brings not only the first season but also season two to Blu-ray so you can watch Finn and Jake in even more glorious animated high-definition!

Identity Theft blu art

Identity Thief

I enjoy Melissa McCarthy but after this movie I think I might just enjoy her in smaller doses.  I found this movie to be mostly unfunny and kind of grating which is a shame as I really like Jason Bateman.  The movie features the theatrical cut and an extended unrated cut which adds 9 minutes to the running time of the movie.  I highly doubt those 9 minutes will swing the movie in favor with me but those who enjoyed the film might be up for seeing some additional footage.

Falling Skies S2 blu art

Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season

I tried really hard to give Falling Skies a chance but after a couple episodes I couldn’t get past the mediocre writing and hollow characters.  I decided not to invest any more time in the show and haven’t seen an episode since.  Fans of the show should be pleased to know that there looks to be a pretty decent amount of special features on this set including the featurettes One Page At A Time: Writing the 2nd American Revolution, The Skitter Evolution, A Fan’s Perspective: Touring the Set of Falling Skies, Designing the Spaceship and more.

More titles released today:

Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season

Escape from Planet Earth 3D

Sadako 3D

It’s a Disaster

007: The Daniel Craig Collection

Clint Eastwood 20 Film Collection

Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection


12 Rounds 2: Reloaded

Charlie Zone


The Book of Esther

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Mummy

The Invisible Man

Phantom of the Opera


Electra Glide in Blue

Nature: Legendary White Stallions

Into the White

At Long Last Love

The Odd Couple



In Old Arizona

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