CinemaCon Footage for The Wolverine Looks Better than the Full Trailer

This new trailer for The Wolverine premiered recently at CinemaCon and features some new footage, including a really quick glimpse at the Silver Samurai.  The trailer itself, while short in length, is better than the full trailer that proceeded it.  It still doesn’t quite get me super pumped to see The Wolverine sadly.

The last trailer, combined with the residuals of the painfully awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine, has deflated quite a bit of my excitement and has had me feeling very indifferent to Logan’s latest adventure.  Perhaps I would be more excited by this new CinemaCon trailer if I hadn’t already seen the full trailer.  What I see in this new footage does stir up a smidgen of excitement and I remain cautiously optimistic in regards to the movie.  I really hope that director James Mangold maintains a dark tone throughout and leaves out silly, campy material.  I really enjoy Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and I just want to see him in a movie that is worthy of calling itself a Wolverine movie.  Fingers crossed.

What do you guys think?  Does the new CinemaCon trailer get you more excited for the movie?  Do you think they’ll finally pull off a solid Wolverine movie?

by Ben McBride

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The Wolverine teaser poster


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