Manborg Hits DVD on April 30! Watch the trailer here!

The armies of hell have taken over the Earth, and all that stands in the way of the villainous Count Draculon and humanity’s total extinction is a motley crew of misfits led by the mighty Manborg: a warrior who’s half-man, half-machine, but all hero!

Come April 30, 2013, Manborg blasts onto DVD (and VOD) from Dark Sky Films.  I haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet (I unfortunately missed it while it was playing at Horror Hound Weekend last month) but from the looks of it, Manborg looks like a ridiculously fun B-movie experience.  I was actually working on getting a Tugg screening set up for Manborg here in Columbus but found out one of the local theaters here was already planning on showing it so that went kaput.  However, if your town doesn’t have Manborg playing in theaters, head over to to set up a screening.  The DVD is currently available for pre-order from Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

Here is the official press release for the Manborg DVD release:

Once a young soldier killed during the first war against hell, Manborg (Matthew Kennedy, Lazer Ghosts 2) reawakens in the future, rebuilt as a walking weapon and mankind’s last hope. Struggling to learn the secret of his origins, Manborg unwittingly befriends a post-apocalyptic Australian punker (Conor Sweeney, Heart of Karl), a knife-wielding vixen (Meredith Sweeney, Father’s Day) and a kung fu master (dubbed by Kyle Herbert of DRAGON BALL Z, STREET FIGHTER) before finally squaring off against Count Draculon (Adam Brooks, Father’s Day) in a desperate and bloody bid to take back the Earth.

This campy, comedic action flick, which Variety called “enjoyably ridiculous,” is also an affectionate and clever tribute to fan favorite ’80s films and videogames like The Terminator, RoboCop and Mortal Kombat.

Peter Howell of the Toronto Star called it “an energizing and cheesy homage to and parody of 1980s sci-fi horror action movies. … It’s also a marvel of DIY makeup, costuming and special effects.” Matt Looker of website The Shiznit called it “perfect parody.”

MANBORG is a tour de force for writer-director-editor-makeup artist Steven Kostanski, whose credits include the horror hit Silent Hill and Guillermo del Toro’s forthcoming sci-fi adventure Pacific Rim. This lo-fi sci-fi epic from infamous filmmaking collective Astron-6 (Father’s Day) was met with an uproariously enthusiastic reception from audiences. Executive produced by TIFF Midnight Madness guru Colin Geddes (Ultra 8 Pictures) and Toronto After Dark’s Peter Kupowsky, MANBORG celebrated its world premiere at Austin’s 2011 Fantastic Fest, and also impressed fans at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Fantasia, and has played more than 30 major film festivals worldwide including Whistler, Lund in Sweden, Boston Underground, U.K. Sci-Fi, and Neuchatel in Switzerland.

Extras on the DVD include:

– Commentary w/ Director Steven Kostanski, Actor/Writer Jeremy Gillespie and Executive Producer Peter Kuplowsky
– Deleted & Alternate Scenes
– Bloopers
– Behind the Scenes
– Stop Motion Montage
– VFX Montage
– Short Film
– Premiere Q&A
– Interviews
– Trailer

For the latest Manborg news and updates, check out the official Manborg Twitter and Facebook.  You can also follow Dark Sky Films on Twitter to find out more about the DVD release in addition to other films they are releasing.

by Ben McBride

Manborg poster


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