Your Cold Felt Heart Motion Comic Trailer! Plus an Exclusive First Look at Issue 1!

A new trailer for the upcoming motion comic Your Cold Felt Heart has hit the web!  The currently “in production” motion comic is based on Issue 0 of the Your Cold Felt Heart story written and drawn by Mel Dale and animated by motion graphics artist Daniel Wheatfall.  Some of you may recognize the name Mel Dale as he was an occasional contributor on Monster Popcorn, having done the “Movies Worth Rewatching” and “Unpopped” columns.  He hasn’t posted anything on here in a little while now, but for good reason!  He’s busy writing and drawing the four-issue puppet noir story, Your Cold Felt Heart.  He’s currently working on drawing Issue 1 and has already (self-)published Issue 0, which you can buy over at his online shop here. He’ll even provide a personalized sketch with your copy which is a bargain for a mere $3 (you may want to hurry though as he only has 15 copies left of a limited run as of this post)!

The Issue 0 motion comic follows Frank, a puppet monster and thief for hire, that manages to get by living his life of crime.  However, when a simple job on the wrong side of town goes south, Frank will have to outwit the vigilante hero, The Blind Scarf, in an effort to save his life.  You’re invited to hang out in the back alleyways of this film noir, puppet thriller, as Frank struggles to survive his deadly encounter.

There is no official release date for the complete motion comic as of yet but it’s been confirmed that Daniel Wheatfall is hard at work animating it and has already finished half of the story.  I believe we’ll be seeing the finished product soon and I’m pretty excited to see it once it’s done.  If you’d like to check out more about Your Cold Felt Heart and writer/artist Mel Dale, you can check out his website at, and if you want to see more work from motion graphics artist Daniel Wheatfall, head over to his site at

And for a special treat, Monster Popcorn has an exclusive look at two pages from Issue 1 of Your Cold Felt Heart.  Behold!



And here is the cover to Issue 0, of which the motion comic will be based upon.

Your Cold Felt Heart Issue 0 cover

by Ben McBride


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