2 Years of Monster Popcorn! We’re Celebrating with a Podcast!


Hello everyone.  Monster Popcorn is two years old as of yesterday (April 7, 2013) and I wanted to celebrate the second anniversary by trying out something new.. a podcast!  I’m no podcast expert, hell, I forgot to even introduce myself in the podcast embedded below, but I thought it’d be a fun exercise to see if a monthly or twice-monthly Monster Popcorn podcast would be something I’d be interested in pursuing.  I got my buddy Leland from Movies Issues to stop by and talk with me as we chatted briefly about movies that we grew up on as well as talk about our most anticipated movies of 2013.  I’m thinking of submitting the podcast to iTunes possibly in the near future and when I do, I’ll be sure to provide the link to the iTunes store where you can find it.  Until then, use the audio player below to listen in or click the “download” button in the player to put it in your iTunes library or on your phone!

I just want to thank everyone who visits and reads the posts here on Monster Popcorn.  It really means so much that you do and I’m happy to write about movies and TV in hopes of creating a discussion.  I’d be doing this even if it was just my mom reading this (hi mom) and I’m really glad that Monster Popcorn has grown and so many of you have interacted with me here on the site and through Twitter and Facebook.  You guys make it a real pleasure to be doing this everyday and I hope to continue to grow with all of you in tow.  Thank you so very much.

For your ear pleasure, the first Monster Popcorn podcast:

by Ben McBride


3 thoughts on “2 Years of Monster Popcorn! We’re Celebrating with a Podcast!

  1. Good stuff! I also find The Strangers extremely terrifying. That shit CAN HAPPEN, man. I’m also a really big Insideous fan. It’s not a perfect movie, but I remember thinking it stood out among whatever other remake/sequel bullshit came out that year. I should rewatch it.


  2. Caught you!!! . .watching Halloween in the dark while your parents slept! Since movies and books influence thinking, every parent fears horror movies will turn their child into a psychopath. Elementary thinking, I know, but every parent hopes to grow well-adjusted members of society.
    Ironman and Star Trek are must-sees for me as well. Guillermo del Toro – YES! Much Ado About Nothing – double YES!


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