Celebrate April Fool’s with the holiday’s very own horror film!

Originally I was thinking of doing an April Fool’s prank article but then decided against it, plus I didn’t have the time to write up something elaborate.  So instead, I’m going to leave you with the trailer for the 1986 mystery horror film April Fool’s Day.  The story follows a group of eight college friends that gather together at an island mansion belonging to their friend, Muffy St. John, to celebrate their final year of school.  However,  it is soon discovered that each person has a past hidden secret and start turning up dead.  Are the murders real or are they part of some cruel April Fool’s jokes?

The film was directed by Fred Walton, who also directed the 1979 thriller When a Stranger Calls.  Both that film and April Fool’s Day went on to be remade in 2006 and 2008 respectively.  April Fool’s Day gained a bit of a cult following due to frequent late night airings on television since the film is light on violence (I believe all the deaths happened off-screen).  Fans of Back to the Future should be pleased to note that Biff Tannen himself, Thomas F. Wilson, co-stars in the movie.  April Fool’s Day is currently available on DVD.

by Ben McBride

April Fools Day poster


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