Even Wolverine Is Angry About These New Posters

I hopped online this morning to find that two new posters for The Wolverine had been released by 20th Century Fox.  I clicked on the links with a reasonable amount of excitement since the teaser poster that Fox had released previously for the movie was pretty badass (see that image here) and I was hoping for the new posters to be equally as awesome.  Sadly, that is not the case.

The first poster I saw was the international poster which isn’t awful but it is uninspired and boring.  It feels like The Wolverine via The Dark Knight posters.  There’s nothing that the poster says about the movie itself (except that Wolverine is angry) and the imagery fails to evoke any kind of excitement from me.  It just makes me wish that studios cared more about their posters and gave us artwork that made our jaws drop.  Still, this isn’t the worst poster ever, it’s just lazy.  The domestic poster for The Wolverine however might be one of the single worst posters for a tentpole movie I’ve ever seen. However, before I show you that, check out the international poster.

The Wolverine International poster

The international poster looks rather nice compared to the domestic poster (below), which is quite frankly an embarrassment.  The domestic poster is an offensively bad Photoshop job that could only be excused if a child made it.  However, this is a studio’s design department that has put this piece of crap together thinking that the poster would be okay to put in movie theaters around the U.S.  This poster is not acceptable and in no way should it have been approved.  When I saw the poster, I felt my own berserker rage start flowing through my veins so I can see why Wolverine is so angry in these posters.

There used to be an artistry to movie posters but it seems nowadays it is a lot less common for a legitimately great poster to come from a big studio.  I’m so tired of these uninspired posters.  Every single X-Men related movie poster I’ve seen come from 20th Century Fox has been mediocre at best, except that teaser poster I mentioned earlier for this movie.  I thought that teaser was a sign that Fox might try to give us a really great poster campaign for The Wolverine, which is why it bothers me to see these new posters and see an opportunity squandered because of utter laziness and lack of creativity.

The Wolverine domestic poster

Here’s hoping that great artists working with companies like Mondo (or on their own) see a desire for a great poster for The Wolverine and decide to pick up the slack created by Fox.  Until then, fans of Wolverine will want to stick to the teaser poster.

by Ben McBride

Source: Comingsoon.net


2 thoughts on “Even Wolverine Is Angry About These New Posters

  1. Reblogged this on Laura Billiter and commented:
    True on so many levels–even my mediocre Photoshop skills are embarrassed. But for my love of Hugh Jackman and the most badass Wolverine, I’ll still watch…I’ll just suffer the sad designs in the meantime. Thanks Ben McBride at MonsterPopcorn for this! In spite of the pain.


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