The Director of Jurassic Park IV Has Been Found

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The excitement level for the potential of a Jurassic Park IV has always seemed moderate at best since the two less-than-stellar sequels happened, leaving fans with a void for a quality and genuinely exciting dinosaur movie.  The news over the years for Jurassic Park IV haven’t really done much to assuage fears that the franchise was headed into a downward spiral of shlock with rumors about a storyline where dino and human DNA would be mixed creating dino-people. Whether or not those rumors were true, it made Jurassic Park fans worried and doubting a need for a fourth film.

Producers of the franchise have stated that they didn’t want to move on a fourth film unless they found a story they felt confident with and, apparently, they found that story when they announced the June 13, 2014 release date for the film.  Confidence in the fourth film was gained, at least for this fan, when it was announced that Rise of the Planet of the Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were given scripting duties.  The person who was going to take the helm of the newest Jurassic Park movie remained a mystery, with the usual “Steven Spielberg may direct” rumors running around, until now.

Universal Pictures has found their director for Jurassic Park IV in Colin Trevorrow.  You may not him by name but Trevorrow recently directed the indie favorite Safety Not Guaranteed.  No, there are no dinosaurs in that film, but the character work and performances there were really great and I think that is exactly what Jurassic Park IV needs.  We need to believe and care for the characters in the movie if we want the dinosaur spectacle to have any real impact on us, the audience.  Spielberg and Universal handpicked Trevorrow for reasons unknown, but it’s safe to say that they saw something in him that inspired them enough to hire him.

I’m really glad Universal went with a less obvious and perceivably-risky choice.  I think it shows that their intention is to try to reinvigorate the franchise with some new blood in hopes of sustaining it.  I for one am more interested in the film and hopeful of it being good now that Trevorrow is aboard (and Jaffa and Silver are writing) and am actually kind of anxious to see what he brings to the table.  Here’s hoping they make something really fun.

by Ben McBride


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