Spidey’s New Suit For Amazing Spider-Man 2

New still photos revealing the new Spider-Man suit for the currently shooting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have popped up online over the past couple of days.  Movieclips.com compiled a short video (above) with all the most recent on-set photos that show off Shailene Woodley sporting red hair for her role as Mary Jane Watson as well as a return to a more classic looking Spidey suit.

I’m incredibly excited to see the change back to a Raimi-esque Spider-Man suit for the sequel.  I’m not one that hated the suit in Marc Webb’s first film but I do prefer Sam Raimi’s costume from the original trilogy infinitely more.  I don’t mind tweaks here and there to the traditional Spider-Man look but, as far as I’m concerned, Spidey’s suit isn’t exactly a costume that needs to change much.  It’s such an iconic and badass superhero costume as it is.

I’m going to reserve judgement as to the look of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson until I see some official stills or footage from the film.  The spy photos online don’t really do much to show her as the character, except to reveal the red hair, and could be photos of her before she’s been in wardrobe and make-up.  That’s the only downside to spy photos, you don’t know the context of the photos as they are taken.  I never saw Woodley in The Descendants but heard she was really good.  If her reputation rings true, she’ll be an excellent addition to the cast.

As much as I love Spider-Man, Marc Webb’s first outing was a bit of a disaster.  With exception to some cool visuals and good casting, the script was pretty terrible and didn’t exactly give me hope for Webb’s second Spidey film.  However, a lot of the news and buzz surrounding the film makes me think they may have learned and took note of what didn’t work with the first film and are aiming to correct it.  The change in the suit is certainly a good sign and I will remain cautiously optimistic about The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Hell, I may even get a little excited.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit (Comingsoon Exclusive)Amazing Spider-Man spy set photo

by Ben McBride

Source: Comingsoon.net, SuperHeroHype, Bleeding Cool


5 thoughts on “Spidey’s New Suit For Amazing Spider-Man 2

  1. I admit it, I like superhero movies, all of them, even the bad ones.
    That said, if you ask me which of all of them to date was the most like the original comic, I’d have to say The Phantom was right on.


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