The Blu-ray Crypt – Feb. 26

The Master blu art

The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest directorial effort hits high-definition days after the Oscars, where it was nominated for Best Picture among other categories.  While it didn’t make much of a splash during the Academy Awards, the direction, script and performances are all pretty fantastic.  I’m not sure this is a movie I’d return to watch again and again but it’s most definitely worth seeing.

Holy Motors blu art

Holy Motors

I missed the brief theatrical window of this Fantastic Fest hit and regret not seeing this sooner. I’ve heard this is a really interesting cinematic trip that can really only be seen and not easily described.  It blends the lines between fantasy and reality, so if you are wanting to watch something that might make your head spin, Holy Motors may be the movie to do just that.

Hudsucker Proxy blu art

The Hudsucker Proxy

A Coen Brothers classic, co-written by Sam Raimi, is now available in what I assume to be a bare-bones release.  I haven’t really seen an announcement in regards to its special features but I can’t imagine there will be anything worth noting in that department.  This is one of Warner Bros Archive Collection releases and is currently only available in their Warner Archive Store.  It may be available on Amazon at a later time but is currently listed as “temporarily out of stock” there.

Chasing Mavericks blu art

Chasing Mavericks

I skipped over this “based on a true story” surfer movie while it was in theaters and can’t say I have much motivation to watch it now that it’s on Blu.  I like Gerard Butler but the movie just hasn’t really peaked my interest.  For fans of the film, it looks like special features include a commentary track with Michael Apted, some deleted scenes and a theatrical trailer.  If you saw Chasing Mavericks and think that I need to see it too, feel free to chime in below in the comments section.

Girls Against Boys blu art

Girls Against Boys

This violent revenge flick pits wronged girls against guys that have harmed them physically, mentally or in a few instances, not at all.  Danielle Panabaker and Nicole LaLiberte play the two main characters that exact their revenge as they begin to corrupt their morality in the process. Anchor Bay’s release doesn’t feature much in the way of special features, except a commentary track, but it does sport a very nice HD image.  Girls Against Boys may not be for everyone, but fans of revenge flicks may be interested in giving this a shot.

Joshua Tree blu art

Joshua Tree (Army of One)

Dolph Lundgren stars in this release from Shout! Factory that some may know of by its alternative title, Army of One (it was originally titled Joshua Tree).  It may have been made in 1993 but it carries over 80s style action and grit.  Shout! has given Joshua Tree a pretty good video transfer and a decent amount of extras including a commentary track, an alternate ending and a 24-minute look back at the film with cast and crew.

More titles released today:

Zombie Lake

Oasis of the Zombies

Sansho the Bailiff

Chronicle of a Summer

Company of Heroes

Strangers in the Night

Scooby Doo!  Mask of the Blue Falcon

She Devil

Lady for a Night

The Red Menace

Plain Clothes

Border Run

500 MPH Storm


The Eye of the Storm

The Diary of a Chambermaid

by Ben McBride


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