2013 Oscar Winners

85th Academy Awards - Show

The 2013 Oscars have come and gone and as usual it felt like they went a little long. I’m not bitter about its length by any means, I’m naturally a night owl, so staying up late is something I have no qualms with.  However, I do think they could have shortened it by nixing the somewhat unnecessary song performances, like the Catherine Zeta Jones Chicago number (which looked like a lip sync performance) or the Barbara Streisand “Memories” performance (sorry Babs fans).  Seth MacFarlane fared alright as the host providing some laughs here and there. Though, there were definitely some jokes that didn’t seem to hit as well as intended.

The awards themselves seemed rather unpredictable at times, seeing some nominees I was sure to win usurped (for better or worse) and essentially killing my Oscar ballot contest winning chances!  I was glad to see Tarantino win for his screenplay and to see Skyfall pick up a couple awards (I was hoping to see it win the Cinematography category but didn’t sadly).  I thought The Hobbit got snubbed in the Production Design and Make-up and Hairstyling categories.  ParaNorman got the shaft with the predictable Pixar win (I’m sorry but Brave was not that great people).  I can’t say I have too many nitpicks with other winners, although I think Hugh Jackman probably should have gotten Best Actor.  I get why Daniel Day Lewis won and there is no doubt that he was incredible in his role but Jackman was pretty great as well.  I was pleased that Argo took Best Picture (over some of its competitors) and it may not have been my specific choice but it’s a pretty solid movie.

If you happened to miss the Oscars telecast, below is a list of all the Academy Awards winners:

Animated Short Film – Paperman

Animated Feature – Brave

Cinematography – Life of Pi

Visual Effects – Life of Pi

Costume Design – Anna Karenina

Makeup and Hairstyling – Les Miserables

Live Action Short Film – Curfew

Documentary Short – Inocente

Documentary Feature – Searching for Sugar Man

Foreign Language Film – Amour

Sound Mixing – Les Miserables

Sound Editing – Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall (Tie)

Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained

Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables

Film Editing – Argo

Production Design – Lincoln

Original Score – Life of Pi

Original Song – Adele “Skyfall”

Adapted Screenplay – Argo

Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained

Directing – Ang Lee “Life of Pi”

Leading Actress – Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook

Leading Actor – Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln

Best Picture – Argo

by Ben McBride


2 thoughts on “2013 Oscar Winners

  1. I agree with your ideas on shortening the Oscars by getting rid of some of the songs. I would’ve liked more out of Norah Jones’ performance, but as it was, it seemed rushed and not needed. I didn’t really get why they were doing so much for Chicago, other than it won best picture ten years ago. But will they do something for Return of the King next year because it will have won ten years ago? I doubt it. I also agree The Hobbit got snubbed. Otherwise it was a good show.


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