The Blu-ray Crypt – Feb. 19

Game of Thrones BB Exclusive blu art

Game of Thrones

Season 2 of Games of Thrones is now available!  Let the marathon watching commence!  I haven’t seen this season yet, as I’m not an HBO subscriber, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and can’t wait to dive into this new set.  The box art pictured above is the Best Buy exclusive artwork that represent the Houses of Greyjoy (left) and Lannister (right).  Amazon has the best pricing currently for the new season (at $29.99) though they only have the standard cover art.  For $5 more, you can choose one of the pictured sets at Best Buy (unless they run out).  I don’t know anything about the Greyjoys and may have to end up going with the Lannisters, mostly because Peter Dinklage is awesome.

Argo blu art


Another excellent film from director Ben Affleck arrives just in time for the Oscars telecast.  I think Argo has a good shot at taking Best Picture, even if I’m not totally sure I’d give it the award myself, but it seems to be one of the frontrunners.  I personally thought The Town was a much better film (especially the extended edition) but Argo is no weak effort from Affleck.  The Picture in Picture: Eyewitness Account special feature found on this set looks to be the most intriguing insight into the film with the actual survivors and other participants of the Iran hostage crisis giving firsthand accounts as the movie plays, reinforcing the authenticity of the film.

Sinister blu art


This horror film definitely sits really high up on my list of favorite horror from 2012.  In fact, I think Sinister gives Cabin in the Woods a run for its money in terms of being a horror film from last year with lots of great subtext.  I personally found Sinister to be scarier than Cabin (read my thoughts here) and I went back and forth on the two films when it came to toss one of them into my best of 2012 list.  While Cabin in the Woods may have ultimately ended up on that list over Sinister, director Scott Derrickson did an incredible job in creating something moody, uneasy and downright creepy.  Sinister is essential for horror fans.

Anna Karenina blu art

Anna Karenina

I haven’t seen Anna Karenina yet but the beautiful sets, costumes and cinematography are very enticing.  Plus, it’s from director Joe Wright (Hanna, The SoloistAtonement) and a new film from him is worth checking out.

The Nest blu art

The Nest

Scream Factory has quite a few releases this week and The Nest is the one I’m most interested in.  There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of special features for this B-horror/creature feature, other than a commentary track, but the video transfer on the disc is supposed to be one of the best transfers that Scream Factory has put out to date.  I really dig the cover art and have heard the special effects in the movie are pretty fun.  I will definitely be making this an addition to my collection.

Prison blu art


Before Scream Factory announced that they were releasing this, I had never heard of Prison before.  This Renny Harlin-directed haunted house movie set in a prison (as you may guess) stars Lane Smith (Red Dawn, Lois & Clark) and a young-ish Viggo Mortensen.  This Collector’s Edition features an all-new retrospective with director Renny Harlin, producer Irwin Yablans, screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner, stunt Coordinator Kane Hodder, executive producer Charles Band, composer Richard Band, production designer Philip Duffin and production assistant Patrick Denver.  In addition to the retrospective, a solid video transfer and a reputably dependable atmospheric horror film make this a very enticing Blu-ray/DVD combo set.

TerrorVision and The Video Dead blu art

TerrorVision/The Video Dead

This “it came from the TV” double feature from Scream Factory features two B-grade shlock fests.  TerrorVision is a cheese fest with truly god-awful set design.  Those familiar with the name Charles Band should be able to guess what to expect from the film (he executive produces it).  TerrorVision falls into the so-bad-it’s-good category, though only mildly so, and could be a fun movie to watch with fellow bad movie enthusiasts.  Transformers fans should note that voice artist Frank Welker provides the monster vocal effects.  The other half of the double feature, The Video Dead, is one that I haven’t seen yet and hope to check out soon.  It’s been on my Netflix queue forever but now that it’s on Blu-ray, I can go ahead and take it off my queue.  I’ve heard both good and bad reviews of the film but since I’m a bad movie enthusiast, I will certainly be checking out the zombie flick.  Kudos to Scream Factory for releasing these films in high-def. I love that B-grade movies are not being overlooked for Blu-ray releases.

BSG Blood and Chrome blu art

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

I’m pretty excited to see this Battlestar Galactica pilot turned web series.  I can’t say that I expect something absolutely astonishing from the web series but since I’m a big fan of BSG, more stories from that universe sound very appealing.  I know I could have watched this online by now but I just can’t seem to consume content on the web very easily, especially if there’s a shot I can see it in better quality on my high-def TV.  If there’s a funny video or sketch on YouTube, sure I’ll watch it on the web, but anything with a full on story, I prefer to consume away from the computer.  I ended up waiting to watch both Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn until they hit Blu-ray as well. Thankfully I can now pop this new disc into my player and watch a young Adama blow shit up.

The Terminator blu art

The Terminator

This may be yet another edition of The Terminator on Blu-ray but this remastered release features a greatly improved video transfer and high-definition enthusiasts like myself will be very interested in seeing the new image.  Much like the previous versions of the film on Blu-ray, the same lackluster special features are present and do suggest that there will be yet another release of the film in the future with some quality special features (hopefully).  This might be a good one to pick up if you can find it under $10 to satiate you until the inevitable next release happens.

Fun Size blu art

Fun Size

I missed this Halloween-themed teen comedy while it was in theaters and I fully intend on checking it out now that it’s on Blu-ray.  The cover art looks kid-ish and generic and doesn’t exactly sell me on the Halloween fun like the theatrical poster does (which you can see here). The “Nickelodeon movies” tag doesn’t do much to sell the movie for me either, however, it does feature the talented and funny Jane Levy (of ABC’s Suburgatory and the upcoming The Evil Dead reboot) and is set against my favorite time of year so I’m looking forward to giving it a chance.

Top Gun 3D blu art

Top Gun 3D

This release comes on the heels of the theatrical re-release of Top Gun in 3D.  I didn’t make an effort to see the film in the theater and I can’t say I’m gunning to check it out on home video either but fans of the film should be really pleased with this latest release as the video transfer is “the best that Top Gun has ever looked on home video” according to  All the special features from the previous release are ported over to this edition.

More titles released today:

Monsters, Inc. 3D

On the Waterfront

The Insider

Best in Show

The Running Man

Night of the Demons 2

Highlander 2: Renegade Version


Atlas Shrugged: Part II – The Strike

Sushi Girl

Julius Caesar

Live Nude Girls

Innocent Bystanders

Don Giovanni

Irreconcilable Differences

The Package

Special Forces

That Cold Day in the Park

The Thief of Bagdad

The Monster Squad


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