Man of Steel Takes Flight in New Trailer

So yesterday, the new trailer for Man of Steel premiered online.  I missed it as I was recovering from some dental work otherwise I would have posted it yesterday.  As soon as Zack Snyder signed on to Man of Steel, I became instantly worried we’d get a visual feast a la green screen, like in 300 and Sucker Punch for example, and that there wouldn’t be any sense of reality to his Superman.  Well now that I’ve seen the full trailer for the film, I’m happy to say that those worries are now gone.  However, the direction his Superman is going in, or at least how the trailer presents the material, isn’t exactly what I expected to see and I’m still unsure of how I feel about it just yet, even if I’m leaning more towards the positive.

On one hand, it’s a really pretty trailer and looks to be the Superman movie with the best cinematography thus far.  Henry Cavill looks great as Superman and the surrounding cast looks pretty good too.  I had forgotten Amy Adams was involved and it was nice to be reminded of her role as I do like her in just about anything she’s in.  On the other hand, I sense a small pompous tone while watching this.  Perhaps that comes from the fact that the trailer feels almost as if it were a Terrence Malick directed Superman which gives the film a bit of a self-important feeling since it isn’t Malick.

I do like that they are holding back on the action though, as I prefer that they keep the best stuff out of the trailer and save it for the theater experience.  I have a feeling that my excitement for the film will increase as the film gets closer but for right now I’m reservedly optimistic.  What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Man of Steel comes out June 14, 2013.

by Ben McBride

Man of Steel poster


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