The Blu-ray Crypt – Dec. 11

Ted blu art


Seth MacFarlane’s live-action film debut hits home video in an unrated cut that is seven minutes longer than the theatrical cut, which is also included on the disc.  I remember enjoying Ted more than I thought I would have but I’m still not sure if it is something I want to have on my Blu-ray shelf or not.  I think another viewing may determine that but I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a laugh.

Bourne Legacy blu Target Steelbook art

The Bourne Legacy

I’m feeling a little more lukewarm to this new Bourne franchise film than I did back when I saw it in the theater (read my review here).  There are some things I wish they had done differently, like not adding “chems” to the Bourne mythology.  I’m still up for more Bourne films with Alex Cross (Jeremy Renner) as the lead but if they move forward with another one, they are going to have to up their game and really give the fans a film worthy of the Bourne franchise.  I’d probably check this one out again at some point down the road but I’m not in a rush to pick it up.  The cover art above is for the Target exclusive steelbook case.

Dick Tracy blu art

Dick Tracy

Anybody remember those McDonald’s Dick Tracy tie-ins?  The toy watch, the Crimestopper scratch-off game, what else was there?  I was just a little kid when Dick Tracy hit theaters and remember enjoying it back then. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I rewatched Dick Tracy as an adult and could really appreciate all the craft that went into making the film.  The awesome make-up effects, the two-dimensional look of the film, the use of the bright colors and cartoony-looking matte paintings all helped cement the comic book look to the adaptation.  Disney’s new Blu-ray release reportedly has a really competent and faithful high-def transfer but fails to deliver any extras on the disc besides a few promo trailers for other theatrical and home video releases.  It would have been nice to see some behind the scenes material for the film or even the long rumored Warren Beatty extended cut as an option but I have a feeling that this will be the disc that fans will want to grab as I don’t see Disney giving the film any further attention.

The Island blu art

The Island

This is the first of two releases from Scream Factory today.  The Island stars Michael Caine as Blair Maynard, an investigative writer that is in the Caribbean on assignment with his son in tow.  They encounter some raiding pirates that capture Blair’s son and turn him onto their barbarian ways and Blair must come to his rescue.  This thriller comes from the director of Fletch and is scripted by Peter Benchley, the author of Jaws.  I’ve not heard that The Island is all that memorable in being a great film nor a particularly bad one, just a serviceable film.  Regardless, I like checking out older and lesser known films and will be happy to give this one a shot at some point.  Plus, I really like the cover art and had I been walking through the aisles of (the now defunct) Blockbuster and saw this, I would have rented it based on the cover alone.  No special features besides trailers for The Island, Death Valley and They Live are provided in this release but it is packaged with the movie on both a Blu-ray and DVD disc and has double-sided artwork.

Death Valley blu art

Death Valley

This little seen 1982 horror film starring A Christmas Story‘s Peter Billingsley is one that I wasn’t even aware of its existence until Scream Factory announced their release of it months ago.  The movie follows a divorcee, her son and her boyfriend as they take a trip through Death Valley where they happen upon a murder and become pursued by a serial killer.  Just like with The Island, Death Valley is being released in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with double-sided artwork.  While the special features are limited, Scream Factory has provided a director’s commentary in addition to a trailer and TV spot for the film.  As a horror enthusiast, I’m really anxious to check this one out.

Miami Connection blu art

Miami Connection

I received my Blu-ray copy of Miami Connection at the end of last week but, of course, have not gotten around to watching it yet.  This is one of the new home video releases from Drafthouse Films and is probably the first one from them that I know the least about.  I know the buzz surrounding it is good but what it’s actually about has escaped me for some reason and that’s fine by me.  Sometimes it’s nice to walk into a movie knowing not much at all and just going for the ride.  What I do know is that this is a cult film from 1987 that is now getting some resurgent interest thanks to Drafthouse.  The special features include some behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, an alternate ending and more.  I feel like it might be fun to do a Drafthouse double feature with The FP and Miami Connection so maybe I’ll get around to this flick really soon.

More titles released today:

Girls: Season One

Ice Age: Continental Drift

The Following

The Qatsi Trilogy


The Blue Lagoon

The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection

Babes in Toyland

Les Misérables

The Wild Geese

The Joy Luck Club

The Portrait of a Lady


Why Stop Now?

Beloved Infidel

Doomsday Book

Lost Horizon

Baron of Blood



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