Help David Fincher, Eric Powell and Blur Studios Make The Goon!

As fans/consumers of movies, TV, comics, etc., we often find ourselves in a place where we cannot influence the decision making in getting great creative talent working on the projects that we want to see happen.  We sit from behind our computers cursing the studios who don’t finance the films that we are dying to see since we are seemingly powerless in getting our voices heard.  Well, now is the time to change that!  We can put our money where our mouth is and show the studios that we demand the content we want to see!  We need to show Hollywood that the quality creativity that they overlook out of “safe” business decisions won’t be dismissed so easily!  We have a great opportunity, as a fan community, to have our voices be heard and show Hollywood a new way to fund the stuff that we want to see.  That opportunity begins now with the Kickstarter for The Goon animated film produced by David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven), written by creator Eric Powell and starring the voices of Clancy Brown as “The Goon” and Paul Giamatti as “Franky!”  There are only 8 days left for you to help make The Goon film a reality, so now is the time to step up!

The Kickstarter goal is a whopping $400,000 so every last penny that you donate counts!  The money will go on to create a feature length story reel from Eric Powell’s script that can be shown to studios as a great demonstration of why the studios need to jump on board The Goon train.  With any of your donations, there are rewards that you get in return for your generosity, from artwork PDFs to signed posters to original Eric Powell artwork for The Goon!  I’ve got my eye on the poster signed by David Fincher, Eric Powell and the Blur Studios filmmakers!  To explain the Kickstarter goal some more, here is some of the description you’ll find over on The Goon Kickstarter page followed by some really fantastic artwork from the film.

GOON FANS of the world, grab your beat sticks and chug some hooch… it’s time to take on Hollywood!

That’s right, this is your chance to help bring everyone’s favorite zombie smasher to the big screen! For over 12 years, Eric Powell’s comic book “The Goon” has thrilled readers around the globe with its fantastic world of mobsters, zombies, killer robots, giant fish-men, and every outrageous thing in between. The time has come to bring this great comic to theaters!

You might be asking yourself, “I’ve seen footage of The Goon animated film online… why do they need money? Isn’t it already being made?

The answer to that question is NO. The Goon Film has NEVER been in production. All the work you’ve seen (animation footage, trailers, artwork, etc.) has been produced independently and out-of-pocket by the creative team of David Fincher, Eric Powell, Blur Studio and Dark Horse Entertainment. We created “proof of concept” footage to show Hollywood the incredible potential of a Goon movie. It was very well received BUT because this movie isn’t a sequel or filled with dancing animals we’ll need more to bust open the gates and UNLEASH Goon and Franky on Hollywood. And by the freakishly barbarian strength of Aunt Kizzie, we’ll find a way to succeed!

This is where YOU come in.

The next step of our plan is to begin the filmmaking process by producing afeature length STORY REEL based on Eric Powell’s amazing script. (a story reel is a rough edit of storyboards combined with music and sound effects) This will give Hollywood a complete look at the Goon film’s potential… from his early life in the carnival to busting heads in the mysterious town with no name. We all know the Goon’s incredible story, the over-the-top action, hilarious comedy and genuine heart, but now it’s time for Hollywood to experience it as well.

Help us make a NEW KIND of animated film… one that’s LOUD, VIOLENT and OFFENSIVE TO YOUR GRANDMA.

So let us fans sit idle no longer!  Let’s help fund something we all want to see and show Hollywood that they aren’t the only ones who can make something happen!  So head over to the Kickstarter page now and donate however much you can afford and then tell all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter about The Goon and get them to help out!  I know I don’t want the below proof of concept footage (which is so awesome) to be the only thing I ever see of The Goon film.  I’ve donated to help make The Goon happen and now it’s your turn!

by Ben McBride


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