Tony Stark’s World Gets Dark In The New Iron Man 3 Trailer

I really like this new trailer for Iron Man 3.  I like the dark and bleak tone of it.  I like seeing Tony Stark a little scared and unsure of himself.  I especially like that it implies that they’re going to put Stark through the ringer by threatening the thing that matters to him most, Pepper Potts.  The dynamic/relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in the previous two films, as well as in The Avengers, was amongst my favorite aspects of those films.  The established relationship between them is enough to make you feel Tony’s anxiety and fear in being a factor in the possible harm, or even death, of the woman he loves.  I know I’m already invested in it just from the trailer.

I thought the image of the Iron Man Patriot armor sneaking up on Tony and Pepper in bed was a good image as it came off as either something from Tony’s nightmare or worse, his own armor used against him in a very personal way.  It was also nice to see Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin.  It’s good to have that character finally show up since they hinted at him in the first Iron Man.  Though, is it me or does Kingsley’s voice as the Mandarin sound a little odd?

What I’m most excited about though is seeing what Shane Black has done with the film (he co-wrote and directed it).  I absolutely loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which also starred Robert Downey Jr., and I think Black is capable of giving the Iron Man franchise its best film yet.

by Ben McBride (Follow me on Twitter @monsterpopcorn)


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