The Blu-ray Crypt – Oct. 9


If you haven’t heard of or seen E.T. by now, I’m pretty sure you may have just crawled out from beneath your favorite rock and are discovering the world anew.  There isn’t a lot that needs to be said when it comes to E.T. except that it is now on Blu-ray!  I’m looking forward to checking out Steven Spielberg’s other alien classic in high-def, even if it still gives me the heebie jeebies when I watch it.  I can’t quite put a finger on why it still is able to creep me out but I still enjoy the film.  Plus, who can resist John Williams amazingly iconic score?  For the purists, Spielberg has stated that the digitally altered scenes from the previous theatrical re-release are not present here.  Much respect goes to Spielberg for realizing that altering the original film was a mistake and stating that he will never alter one of his films ever again.  Makes you wish George Lucas shared the same sentiment.  Be aware that there are a couple editions of this out there including a Best Buy exclusive Digibook and a Target exclusive Steelbook edition.  As much as I like Steelbook cases, I’m going for the Digibook edition.


It seems Prometheus has been a little divisive amongst film fans.  I fall on the side of liking the film.  It may not be completely perfect but I was really into all the ideas the film was trying to present in regards to the creation of life and I found the movie to be utterly beautiful to look at.  I’m still really hoping for a sequel to this film and I hope that, in the second movie, they distance themselves completely from the Alien franchise.  I don’t want to see any facehuggers or xenomorphs running about, I want to see Paradise and what Elizabeth Shaw discovers on her journey to find the roots of all life.  I’m admittedly incredibly bummed that we are not being offered an extended cut of the film with this release.  However, the vast amount of special features being presented in the 4-disc set sounds astounding and I cannot wait to delve into all of it.  The 4-disc set (pictured above) has over seven hours of bonus features including a three hour and forty-one minute behind the scenes documentary, as well as thirty-seven minutes of deleted/alternate scenes.  The 2-disc set that is also available doesn’t have the behind the scenes documentary but does have the deleted scenes.  If you are purchasing Prometheus, I highly recommend buying the 4-disc as that is most certainly the most bang for your buck and is being touted as one of the best Blu-ray releases of the year thus far.

The League: Season 3

This show is amongst my favorite newly discovered comedies.  I hadn’t really seen much of this show at all until I visited with a friend while out in San Diego for Comic-Con this year.  We started watching it while we were recuperating from our daily geek adventures and it turned out to be a really fun way to unwind.  I was hesitant at first about a show that centers on a group of guys in a fantasy football league as I’m not much of a sports guy.  However, you don’t have to follow sports to enjoy this show which is absolutely hilarious and has some pretty awesome comedic talent involved.  I caught up on seasons one and two on Netflix and I’m very excited to tackle season 3.  Pun intended.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7

This is another TV comedy I really like and have yet to see, well the seventh season anyways.  There are some TV shows I get into a habit of bypassing entirely while it’s airing due to the fact that I know I’m going to pick up the new season when it hits Blu-ray/DVD and burn through them all really quick.  It’s Always Sunny is one of those shows.  These characters are depraved, despicable and the worst example of human beings and I love them.  Their shameless ignorance and crude natures make the show absolutely hilarious and I love the characters of Charlie and Frank.  I like that Mac is fat in this season, I’m curious to see how that plays into the show.

The Barrens

This is something I haven’t seen yet but keep hearing mostly positive things about.  Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Repo: The Genetic Opera) directs this tale of a man that takes his family on a camping trip and becomes convinced they are being stalked by the legendary monster of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: the Jersey Devil.  The film stars Stephen Moyer (True Blood), Mia Kirshner (The L Word, 24) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, The Ruins).  This low-budget mix of creature feature and The Shining reportedly succeeds based on its attention to character and Stephen Moyer’s nuanced performance.  I’ve never heard of the Jersey Devil legend but I’m intrigued by the film enough to find out.

The Raven

I’ve not seen this film and I’m really hesitant to take the time to watch it, if I’m being honest.  Based on the trailer, it looks like they are trying to emulate Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes a la Edgar Allan Poe.  I didn’t really care for Ritchie’s take on Sherlock, despite Robert Downey Jr.’s acting talents and charm, so I’m not sure a similar take on Poe is going to do anything for me.  I’ve heard that John Cusack does a pretty decent job as Poe but the movie looks so predictable and unoriginal that I’m not sure I’ll make the effort to watch it.  Maybe if a friend sits me down to watch it, I’ll give The Raven a shot, but I’m pretty sure none of my friends are championing this flick.

More titles released today:

Rock of Ages

Holliston: The Complete First Season

Little Shop of Horrors

Red Dawn

Enemy Mine

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

Bones: The Complete Seventh Season

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Dead Ringer

Dial M for Murder 3D

Strangers on a Train

The Great Mouse Detective

A Cat in Paris

by Ben McBride


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    1. Not even for $500? That’s what my offer was but you can’t be bought so the offer stands no longer! haha.. And don’t worry about Terror Train, it will definitely get a mention. It comes out next week so I’ll have it up then.


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