John Carpenter’s Halloween Returns To Theaters

Horror fans are in for a treat when John Carpenter’s Halloween gets re-released nationwide just in time for the Halloween holiday.  According to the re-release poster (below), Halloween will start hitting theaters on Oct. 25th which could potentially allow it to play right through Oct. 31st!  No word yet if it will be a full week’s worth of showtimes starting on the 25th or if they will be select dates at local theaters.  Further details are expected to be announced and you can keep an eye out for them over at

The re-release is happening to kick off next year’s 35th Anniversary celebration of the film and will mark the biggest run that Halloween has had since it terrified audiences back in 1978.  There is an ever-growing list of theaters across the States that will be showing the film, which you can check out over at  All of the theaters that will show the movie will be added to the list by Sept. 28th.  In addition to the film itself, there will be a new mini-documentary, You Can’t Kill The Boogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween, that will be screened before the movie at all showings coast to coast.  The documentary will focus on the impact that the film has had on the horror genre and our culture.

Not only does the prospect of seeing one of the greatest horror films of all-time up on the big screen sound incredibly exciting but the possibility of seeing Halloween on Halloween would be icing on the cake (or would “blood on the butcher knife” be a better phrase here?).  Terrible joke aside, Halloween helped shape my love of all things horror and is a film that I look back on with fond memories.  It also represents top-notch filmmaking from one of the best genre directors, John Carpenter, and remains a crucial influence on the horror films of today.  When people ask me what my favorite film is, I often have to weigh the many films I love, but more often than not, I say Halloween.

by Ben McBride

Source:, ShockTillYouDrop


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