A Web Series You Should Watch: Burning Love

Burning Love is a send up of “reality” romance shows like The Bachelor and pokes fun at them through absurdity.  The web series follows fireman Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) as he searches for the perfect woman, some of which seem normal, others may be unstable, one is 84 years old.  The show gives the audience a front row seat to the champagne toasts, candles, heartbreak, bubble baths, chocolate, choreography, hair extensions, roller skating, betrayal, spray-tans and rainbows in what is being called “one of the most romantic, comedic web series ever made.”

Burning Love is written by Erica Oyama (Childrens Hospital, Wainy Days) and directed by Ken Marino (Party Down, Veronica Mars) and features a pretty impressive and talented cast, including Michael Ian Black, Kristen Bell, Malin Ackerman, Adam Scott, Ken Jeong, Abigail Spencer, June Diane Raphael, Beth Dover and Carla Gallo.  It also features guest appearances from Ben Stiller, Ryan Hansen, Paul Scheer and Kerri Kenney.  There are currently six episodes of Burning Love to watch with new episodes premiering every Monday and Thursday.

I’m a big fan of Ken Marino and Michael Ian Black, having discovered them through Wet Hot American Summer and The State.  I was really curious to see Burning Love because of their involvement, as well as seeing numerous cast members that I really enjoy.  I was late to start watching it, since it premiered on June 3rd, but was able to sit down and blow through the six episodes (approx. 8 mins each) that were available last night and found the series to be really funny.  The show starts off introducing all the various women competing for Mark’s heart and, as the show progresses, you start to not only laugh at the escalating absurdity of it all but you start to root for your favorite girl to win.  I love that Agnes, an 84 year old woman, is repeatedly one that doesn’t get voted off despite the fact that she doesn’t even really know what’s going on half the time.  Ken Jeong is also hilariously creepy as a girl named Ballerina.  There is also a surprise cameo from someone I won’t mention who shows up to compete in a panda outfit so she isn’t judged for her “outer beauty.”

The web series is definitely worth watching and you can do so right now by heading over to the  Yahoo! Comedy Channel to watch the six episodes that are available.  Embedded below is the trailer for the series.  Check it out.

by Ben McBride


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