Spotlight: The Nerdist Channel Comes To YouTube

I’m a regular listener of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast.  It’s often funny, insightful and interesting.  In fact, I’m listening to the new episode with Neil Patrick Harris right now and it’s a really good listen so far.  Hardwick has grown his podcast empire to include a variety of other podcasts in the Nerdist network.  Now, he’s bringing Nerdist to YouTube with The Nerdist Channel which will feature original content, and lots of it.

The channel will launch on YouTube here on April 2nd and will feature content such as:

Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles.  It’s meant to be a TV version of the Ain’t It Cool News website and will be getting some assistance from the Jim Henson company.  This is probably the show I’m most interested in as I like the idea of Nerdist and Ain’t It Cool teaming up to bring us geekery.

Chris Hardwick’s All Star Bowling.  Chris will be bowling in a two-on-two faceoff at the All Star Arena, the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel’s Spare Room lounge, Team Nerdist vs. guest stars for charity.  While I’m not totally sure watching people bowl is normally something I’d be enthused over,  I have no doubt that Hardwick, and the special guests he will bring on the show, will make for an entertaining time.

Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic.  An interview show with hard-hitting journalist Weird Al Yankovic asking questions and getting answers.  Weird Al is a pretty funny guy and I’ve heard him on a few podcasts before so this should be worth watching.  Perhaps he’ll do for journalism what he did for so many popular songs.

Cute Things Exploding.  Do you really need a description here?  Cute things will blow up, we will laugh.

Weird Sh#!t from Japan.  Another show that needs nothing more said about it.  We’re all fascinated by all the weird things that come out of Japan and can spend endless hours watching YouTube videos of it all.  Now Nerdist will just find it for us.

Comic Book Club Live.  The video version of the podcast from the Nerdist Network, with your hosts Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben.  I have yet to listen to this podcast but that won’t stop me from checking the show out.

Kids in the Hall.  Classic sketches with interviews and anecdotes from the legendary team, hosted by Chris Hardwick himself.

Puppet for President.  Taking the Marvin E. Quasniki campaign to another level.  See the Henson puppet’s speeches, interviews, and searing commentary on the toughest issues of the day.  This is something Nerdist has already been producing a little bit.  You can watch puppet candidate Quasniki announce his campaign and his platforms of “no bullsh!t” and “let’s get back into space!” at this link.  “May you have rain if you want it.. and dryness if you need it.”

Existing Content.  On top of their original promgramming, the Nerdist channel will be releasing webisodes from the Jim Henson Company’s own Farscape and the ape detective show S.U.D.S. (Simian Undercover Detective Squad).

In addition to the shows above which will all be available on April 2nd, there is more Nerdist programming coming to you in the near future.  Here’s a few things to expect:

Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppetopia.  NPH with puppets. In his dreams.  Awesome.

Untitled Rob Zombie Project.  A mockumentary about a washed-up musician, written and directed by Rob Zombie.

Just Cos.  Matt Mira and Chloe Dykstra hit the road to look at cosplayers at conventions across America.

Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown.  A magic show on the streets hosted by the guy who Will Ferrell called a witch and USA TODAY called “like a magician, but cooler.”

Nerdterns.  A scripted comedy with the actual interns at Meltdown Comics in L.A.

Tournament of Nerds.  With Justin Donaldson, based on the hilarious competition that’s been delighting nerds at the UCB Theater in L.A.

The Awkward Family Show.  A video show based on the Awkward Family Photos website, greeting card line at Target, and board game.

Four Points with Alex Albrecht.  Alex is joined by three other panelists to comment on four weekly topics of the Nerdist genre.

Gif Gif City.  Animated gif characters placed in real-life situations.

Plus Gumball 3000 with The DudesonsHero Complex with Geoff Boucher, the Ralph Cirella ShowStar Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, as well as Nanna & Lil Puss Puss, the animated series that ran on Comedy Central in 1995.

That’s quite a line-up and I’m pretty excited about seeing a lot of these shows.  For a lot of America, their work day YouTube viewing is about to get a lot better come April 2nd.  So be sure to support Nerdist by subscribing to their YouTube channel!  Until the shows premiere, do yourself a favor and download some of the Nerdist network podcasts.  Enjoy your burrito.

Source: The Nerdist


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