New Character Posters For The Avengers

All the promo imagery and posters that have been created for Marvel’s The Avengers has been kind of average.  The best thing to pop up online was the one-sheet poster which looked cool but was obviously just a photoshop job.  There really hasn’t been any artistry to the promotional material and that makes me a little bummed.  Who doesn’t want to own a badass poster for Joss Whedon’s superhero epic?  I think I’m going to hold out hope that Mondo creates a poster or two for the release and that’s where I will get a poster worthy of hanging on my wall.  However, I like the Black Widow and Captain America character posters (below) that were just released.  The Cap character poster in particular is made of new imagery whereas the other three, which also include an Iron Man and Hawkeye/Hulk combo, seem like direct ports from the one-sheet.  There is no character poster for Thor, Nick Fury or Loki yet but as the movie continues to sell out with its pre-order tickets, we’ll be seeing a few more released. UPDATE:  The Thor and Nick Fury posters are now available and I’ve posted them below.  Nice to see Cobie Smulders getting a little spotlight as well.

What do you guys think?  Are you impressed with the poster work for the movie or does it leave you wanting more?


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