New Monster Popcorn Domain Name! Site Changes On The Horizon!

It’s a revolution!  Okay, no, it’s just a new domain name change.. for now.. sort of.  I’m happy to announce the new Monster Popcorn domain name is….!  Some of you may know this already, as I announced it on Twitter a month ago, but now it is for real!  No longer do you have to worry about putting when typing the URL into your browser!  Now you can just enter the new URL and you will be directed to the old one!  It’s genius!  I’m 2% more professional now!

This is hopefully just the beginning of the changes you will see on Monster Popcorn.  I’m going to work on making the URL completely official so that is no longer seen.  I’ve talked to my friend Mel Dale (follow him on Twitter @mel_dale) who is going to be designing a logo for the site, once he completes some of his work on his upcoming comic.  I’ve read some of it and seen some art and you guys should be excited!  And now that I’ve plugged Mel and announced that he’s designing my logo, he has but no choice to make me the best logo ever and to do so by tomorrow evening!  That’s how plugging someone works right?  It’s basically like a public contract.

Then the site will probably see a redesign to look 7% more professional, I’m kidding of course, it will look, hopefully, like more of a true website and less like a blog (I’m consulting with Arbiter Design‘s Jonathan Sutherland on that).  He’s a talented fellow and I look forward to seeing his ideas.

So there you have it.  My official “press release” for the new (upcoming) changes for Monster Popcorn.  And now, for your viewing pleasure a .gif from a scene of the hilarious Wet Hot American Summer.  (I didn’t really have an image to go with this posting)  (I also in no way support the humping of refrigerators.. unless it’s for Gene here)


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