Jump Into The Tokyo Police Club

I’ve been a fan of Tokyo Police Club since my brother introduced me to them a few years back.  Amongst the musical landscape of today, Tokyo Police Club is not exactly the most well known band.  I bet if you ask most people about them, they’d be like.. who?  But I’m here to drop a little bit of knowledge on you folks who haven’t heard of them.  They are quite good.  I know, that’s all I needed to say to get you to race to the stores to pick up your copy of A Lesson in Crime (their first EP) or Elephant Shells (their first album) or Champ (their second).  You guys are too easy.

I’d almost tell you to listen to a certain album first, but really, I think you should discover them in your own way.  But what I can say is that I think Champ is an excellent album and is my favorite of their discography.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the other stuff as well, but Champ is the album that really energizes me the most.  I’ll find myself tapping my foot or convulsing (that’s what dancing is for me, just random body movements) to the music.  It can take me from a down and out mood to feeling full of energy and uplifted.  It’s excellent for when I’m dealing with the drain of boring repetition at work.  The band also excels well at holding their own lyrically.  They can easily get across great imagery, story and emotion without spelling it out to the listener.

As I finish this brief blog post, I am listening to Elephant Shell and wondering why the hell you aren’t listening to it too!  So I encourage you to give their music a listen to.  Start where you want, but just start listening.  Do it. Now.  Hopefully, you will find something in their music to latch onto and enjoy like I do.


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